Jagran Youth Parliament - Assessment Engine

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Jagran Youth Parliament - Assessment Engine


Dainik Jagran youth parliament (Programme of Dainik Jagran) where the youth participate for democratic learning.This learning is done through DJYP learning app, where candidate can access the study material and can give the test.


It is very difficult for continuous learning in only offline mode.There is only 10 sittings in this programme throughout september to July. In between these sittings there is need of continuous learning for the retention of candidates.


Prodios labs made a Learning management system on mobile app and web app . In this app a candidate of youth parliament can access all the modules provided by the Jagran youth Parliament. Candidate give quizzes in real time and also participate in the discussion forum. From the admin side , they can see all the activities of candidates at a glance and able to add and remove candidate.
Jagran Youth Parliament - Assessment Engine


The elegant data visualisation help the organisation to make the performance report of all candidate with a single click. These data helps the organisation to show the nation how much democratic awareness Jagran Youth Parliament had created in a particular year.

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